Our climate is changing with rising temperatures mainly due to increased greenhouse gas (GHG) levels in the atmosphere caused by human activities. We must reduce the emissions in order to limit temperature rise and harmful impacts of associated risks, such as accelerated sea-level rise and more frequent extreme weather events.

A range of activities are responsible for producing carbon emissions, such as driving cars, using electricity and generating waste. There is a great opportunity to reduce emissions as Auckland transforms from a fossil fuel-dependent, high energy-using, high-waste society to a mobile, quality, compact city.

Transport and non-transport energy sectors dominate carbon emissions in Auckland, contributing around 70 per cent of the total. The emissions have increased, but at a slower rate than the population. 

We prepare regular inventories of GHG emissions for the region – part of implementing the Auckland Plan targets to reduce GHG emissions. The current inventory is Auckland’s greenhouse gas inventory to 2015, Auckland Council technical report, TR2017/026

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