Aucklanders 50 and over: a health, social and demographic summary analysis of the life experiences of older Aucklanders. Full report

Charles Waldegrave, Peter King, Elizabeth Rowe
Family Centre, Social Policy Research Unit Elizabeth Rowe Consulting
Publication date:

This report draws on the data analysis of the Auckland resident sample (707 respondents) of the first wave of the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit/Massey University Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NZLSA). The survey took a snapshot of a national random sample of 3317 New Zealanders aged 50 to 84 years in 2010, a group they plan to follow in successive waves.The report presents a picture of Aucklanders aged 50 to 84 in terms of the following broad domains: 1. Household composition 2. Health, wellbeing and quality of life 3. Family, friends, lonelieness and social support 4. Caring commitments 5. Work and/or retirement status 6. Income, assets and housing 7. Neighbourhood safety and transport 8. Education 9. Community participation and recreation.

Last updated: 2011-11-15