Bodies corporate and housing intensification in Auckland: a preliminary assessment

Auckland Regional Growth Forum
Regional Growth Forum
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A review of some of the issues arising from the intensification of housing in Auckland, and the resulting increase in numbers of people living in 'bodies corporate' situations.

This paper provides a critical review of New Zealand legislation surrounding the operation of bodies corporate; as well an examination of international literature on best practice models for managing intensive housing. It also contains findings from interviews conducted with developers, representatives from owners committees, body corporate management spokespeople, staff in Auckland councils, on-site and off-site managers, lawyers, and a property valuer. A number of recommendations are made about how the various stakeholders, including central and local government, can improve the legislation, regulation, information provision, and management practices surrounding housing developments.

Auckland Regional Council

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Bodies corporate and intensive housing in Auckland

Bodies corporate report January 2003


Last updated: 2002-05-23