Interim progress report on the upper North Island supply chain strategy

Ministry of Transport
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A report from the Working Group undertaking the review of Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy. UNISCS. April 2019

The Government’s interest is in the ports, the land transport of freight and coastal shipping needed to secure the wellbeing of all New Zealanders, and development of regions, now and into the future. This is the first of our reports. It outlines the approach we have set out to achieve the overall objective of an Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy. It reports on the findings of our initial investigations, stakeholder engagement and the key themes that have emerged so far. These include port ownership, efficiency, social licence and community support, investment, optimal land use, and the wider context within which the strategy is being developed. It also sets out our plan to complete the review, explore scenarios and present a strategy. We plan to deliver another two reports, one in June 2019 that reports on the evaluation of different options, and one in September 2019 that sets out our recommendations.

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Last updated: 2019-05-13