Auckland Plan 2050 baseline measures November 2018

Auckland Council
Auckland Council
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The Auckland Plan 2050 was adopted in June 2018 and is an overarching strategy prepared in response to the statutory requirement for Auckland Council to prepare a spatial plan to guide Auckland’s future development over the next 30 years. It provides broad direction for Auckland’s growth and development through the six outcomes and Development Strategy contained within the Plan.

33 measures have been identified to measure progress towards the plan’s six outcomes.

This report identifies the data sets that will be used for the ongoing measurement of progress.

The following is a summary of the status of measures and their data sets:

  • 16 measures have final 2018 baseline data sets
  • 10 measures will have final data sets available in 2019
  • 7 measures require further development of their data sets

Progress against the baseline measures will be reported through an annual scorecard (July 2019) and will contain a short commentary on the observed trends.

More in-depth analysis will be provided in the 3-yearly report and used as supporting evidence for Auckland Council’s Long-term Plan.

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Last updated: 2019-02-28