Our Water Future. Tō tātou wai ahu ake nei. A discussion document

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A conversation we need to have: the purpose of this discussion document

He kōrero me tutuki i a tātou: te take mō tēnei pūrongo whakawhiti kōrero

Defining our water future is a task for everyone together. We know that we will face some big water challenges in coming years. What kind of water future do we want to create? What vision could we aspire

Problems with water concern us all

We’ve talked a lot about water lately. Aucklanders have very clearly told us that clean and healthy water is a top priority. Safeswim has raised awareness about the health risks we face when our infrastructure doesn’t work as well as we would like.

Storms, flooding and coastal inundation have made clear the challenges of living in an ever-changing water landscape. This is especially real for the communities that have been directly affected. Community restoration programmes have revealed strong personal connections to our natural ecosystems.

Developing a Water Strategy

In June 2018, we decided to prepare a Water Strategy for Auckland to ensure that our actions respond to the challenges and opportunities we have to improve water outcomes.

This discussion document is a first step in the strategy’s development. It looks across the full range of water issues, and begins to identify the choices that we, as Aucklanders, will need to make in coming years.

We all need to understand the issues, so that we can set some regional directions for how we:

  • take care of natural waterbodies
  • meet our daily water needs as our population grows
  • look after our waters while managing our growth and development
  • prepare for changes in our climate and our communities. ...

Submissions on the discussion document close 19 April 2019. To have your say visit the Auckland Council website consultation pages.

See also, the summary discussion document.

Last updated: 2019-02-18