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Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, ATEED
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In May 2018, the Destination AKL 2025 strategy was launched to guide the development of Auckland’s visitor economy. The strategy, which aims to deliver a more sustainable future for Auckland, was the outcome of a process initiated by Auckland Tourism, Events, & Economic Development (ATEED) and guided by an industry leadership group.

ATEED is the guardian and driver of Destination AKL 2025 and has a major role in its implementation through its primary areas of focus across the visitor economy. The ATEED Destination Plan outlines the work ATEED will undertake to contribute to Destination AKL 2025’s vision, actions and targets over the 2018/19 financial year and beyond. New annual work programmes will be added over the lifecycle of the strategy.

This new Auckland’s Major Events Strategy 2018-2025 is informed by Destination AKL 2025 and complements the ATEED Destination Plan and should be read in conjunction with them for greater depth and detail. It replaces Auckland’s Major Events Strategy 2011-2021 but utilises much of the thinking used in the original strategy’s development and the lessons learned from its implementation. Auckland’s Major Events Strategy will be reviewed again after 2021.

ATEED’s priorities and work programme are guided by our annual Statement of Intent (SOI), which aligns to the Auckland Plan 2050 and the Auckland Council’s long-term plans. The SOI details ATEED’s key performance indicators.

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