Changes in urban tree cover

5 March 2018
Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit, RIMU
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Waitemata Local Borard urban forest 2013

Auckland Council Research and Evaluation Unit research project.

‘Urban forest’ comprises all the trees within a city – including parks, coastal cliffs, stream corridors, private gardens and streets; it provides a multitude of benefits for the environment, the economy and community health and wellbeing. Recent changes to the Resource Management Act 1991 prohibited the use of urban general tree protection rules and, subsequent to these changes, there has been much debate in the community and media about a possible ‘great chainsaw massacre’ of Auckland’s urban trees. This research programme uses LiDAR and aerial photographs to generate robust data on the ownership and protection of urban forest, how urban forest cover is changing, and where new planting activity should be prioritised.

Urban forest description from 2013 LiDAR data is due for release in March 2018 for Waitemata Local Board and May 2018 for the Auckland Metropolitan Area.

An Auckland Council technical report on the removal of urban forest in the Waitematā Local Board 2006-2017 is expected to be published in April or May 2018.

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Waitemata Local Borard urban forest 2013
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